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The environmentally friendly and safe disposal of ammunition and explosive containing items is becoming increasingly important. We call this process 'demilitarisation' or simply 'demil'. Additionally, other products containing explosives such as airbags and seatbelt tensioners, fireworks and pyrotechnical compositions can be processed in the same way.

Explosives are highly energetic. Why not use the 'stored' energy for the production of electrical power? We currently recycle this energy as part of our operation.

Interested? Please visit the homepages of ISL and EST. Contact to our croatian plant: vlovric(at)spreewerk.com

Spreewerk Luebben GmbH (ISL located in Germany) and Spreewerk Luebben d.o.o. (Croatia) are international leading enterprises in the field of the ammunition technology and consulting. The companies consistently achieves the highest possible level of R3 (Recover, Recycle, Re- use).

The vast experience of our highly skilled technicians coupled with operating the most modern pollution free systems guarantee the disposal of conventional ammunition and other explosive containing materials to the highest level. The product portfolio includes the disassembly of all kinds of conventional ammunition - middle and large caliber ammunition, bombs, mines as well as rockets (e.g. Nike Hercules, HAWK, Patriot, Roland, Sidewinder, MLRS, etc.).

Located in Rothenburg/O.L., Germany, EST is running an unique, state of the art incineration facility specialising in the environmentally friendly recycling and disposal of ammunition, explosives, airbag systems and hazardous waste.

The disposal capacity of the facility - working in accordance to national environmental law and international directives - achieves a maximum either 15 tons of propellant or 12 tons of explosives per day. Simultaneously up to 5 tons of ammunition, ammunition components and pyrotechnics can be disposed of in a parallel- operation. The chemical energy of the incineration process is converted by a turbine and a generator into electric power.

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